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  • Claire De Lune2:51
  • Apres Un Reve2:57
  • Habanera3:07
  • The First Time3:52
  • A Chloris2:54
  • For Emily2:22
  • La Barcheta3:44
  • Al Amor2:52
  • Tell Me The Lies4:21
  • Yo Soy Ardiente3:04
  • Ouvre Ton Coeur2:52
  • L'Heure Exquise2:42
  • Impossible3:02
  • Two3:37

Passions: Art of Seduction


     Represents an artist's journey.  It has been a wonderfully rewarding journey. And, as with all adventures, I have come away from it changed and eager to share my discoveries.

     Passions contains a collection of songs from the Romantic period - an era that I find passionate, sensual, and exciting.  As well, I carefully selected contemporary songs that reflect the rich experiences of love, seduction and passion.  Many of these selections are songs that I have performed in concert and have moved me personally.  I have savoured and reworked them.  To the listener, passion and seduction will resonate throughout these selections: from that aching longing found in Apres un Reve, to fiery first encounters in The First Time, to the sublime moments of a contented Two and L'Heure Exquise.

     During production, I worled closely with producer and arranger, Scott Stewart, to unearth the unique style that I was looking for.  These beautiful, lush melodies of an earlier time, were combined with percussion, strings, synthesizers, and the technologies of today.  The result of this creative journey? The sensual, diverse, raw and exciting sound experience entitled Passions.

Enjoy! - JB